Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Come Ride With Me

Today was a perfect day to take the ATV out.  It had rained heavily last night, so there was no dust.  The sky was blue and the trees were green.
We unloaded the 'machines' at a trail head of the Parrish/Highland's Trail in Langlade County,  about 15 miles from the cottage.
As usual, I had fun taking many pictures.  I apologize for the quality, as I don't like to take my good camera out on the trails.
The reflections from muddy water intrigued me.  I thought this was kind of neat:

Then as I turned around to go back to the group, this photo opportunity caught my eye:

After a little PicMonkey, this is what I came up with.  Which version do you like better?
The sky was as blue as blue could be, and the trees were 'super' green.  It was the most gorgeous of days to be out on the trails.    The view from my vantage point!

We had a light lunch at one of the rest/shelter areas along the trail--

Then off to find a little mud!
It was a perfect day, good weather, good friends, and good times.

And that's the way it is..................


  1. Looks like a lot of fun you had ! Still wonderful photos even if you used a different camera ! Have a great day !

  2. my kids would think they were in heaven...looks like so much fun!!

  3. Our boys do this often...like we used to do years ago. Now the ol' bod can't handle any jerking around...not the ol' sport I used to be, sadly. I love that 2nd reflection best of the two and then the finish with a splash. So cool, but gotta ask, so do you all find a lake to jump into? Looks like soooo much fun.

  4. we "were" atv-ers, in our younger years!! it's soooo much fun!! i love the last shot, now we're talkin' MUD!!!

  5. That reflection shot(preferred #2) was awesome. Mirror like.
    We humans are so funny. Few things make us as happy as a good romp in mud.

  6. I just found your blog and love it. Your header picture and cooment is great...and so true about life.
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  7. GREAT photos! You did fine, without your good camera.

    And....So great to find those random super "Photo Ops"!

    Happy 4th of July to our Beloved Nation!!!

  8. Great, fun photos - love the reflection pics!
    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  9. That is a whale of a lot of mud! The reflection shot is neat either way.

  10. Happy 4th and thanks for stopping by. Have a safe 'blast.'

  11. Great reflection shot..I like it either way! Looks like you have had some rain! Thanks for the outing! :)

  12. ATVing and mud ~ a perfect day!

  13. Great photos...great friends and great fun!!! What a beautiful day that you have shared with us :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so happy that you have because I found another wonderful friend to visit :)

    P.S. I think both reflection shots were neat!!!

  14. I love the reflection of the branches in the puddle....but someone is much braver then me to go through that big puddle.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. WOW.. that's some serious mudding!....

    I like thepicmonkey image.

  16. FUN! And I LOVE your reflection shots :)

  17. A little mud? Wow; looks like a lot of mud to me! I enjoyed your reflection shots as well.