Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tea-Party at High Noon

No politics here, just plain old fashioned fun!!!  The grands know how special my Tea-set is to me.

We talked about having a tea-party and the grands thought it would be lots of fun.  The first thing we did was  took my tea set down and washed it up.  The older two were sent on a mission to take one of the ATV's to the store to find some (crumpets).  While the three younger ones decorated the napkins we were going to use.

We got out the little wooden table my dad made for my kids when they were growing up.  I have so many lovely old table cloths, but was afraid that they would hang too long, and somebody would pull the whole thing to the ground.  Instead, we decided on an old doily.   The girls set the table, and got everything ready.  They then went to change into their pretty dresses, and put on their hats, and waited for the action to happen.

The only grand son was feeling a little left out until he realized he was going to be the server.  He immediately went to work to get everything ready.  I taught him how to pour tea with a tiny tea pot, and to serve the crumpets, (mini-cupcakes).

 It was fun to watch how polite they became to each other.  I really laughed at their Midwestern version of an English Accent.  It was all please's and thank you's.

He was a typical wait staff, as soon as he was back in his 'pantry' set up, he was snitching the 'crumpets'

He'd then go back and refill the tea cups, and make sure they didn't need more treats.

They had fun practicing lifting their 'pinky' fingers as they drank their tea!  We substituted lemonade for tea.

I am so proud of my fourteen year old granddaughter, she certainly could have scoffed at all of this, but played along to entertain the little ones.

As the party was winding down, they had a toast, hopefully to each other and to another wonderful year.

This shot made it all worth while, as this little grand was getting ready to leave the table, she took one last smell of the flowers and said, " Grandma, this is the best cousin's week yet!!  This was fun"

And that's the way it is....................................


  1. Such sweet photos! Tea parties are such special occasions.

  2. OHHHHHHHH!!!! Just precious!

    And "hat's-off" to the older girl, who played along, for the fun of the little ones.

    And to the marvelous work done by the server/bro. Couldn't have done it, without him. ,-)

    You have to be one the most special Grandmothers in the whole world, Dear Muffie. They will have lovely memories. And so will you....... When they are all grown up and no longer gather for a Tea Party.

    LOVE all of it!!!! And thank you so much, for sharing it all, with your Dear Readers.

    Gentle hugs,

  3. How totally precious! They'll have these memories forever!! What a great grandmother you are!

  4. Oh Muffy I just love this post, so darn adorable!!
    It is wonderful to see children who can entertain the simple things... and use there imagination!!
    Thanks for sharing, and thanks to the girls and that good looking server ; } !!!
    That wink at the end is priceless!!!

  5. What fun! I can tell they enjoyed all the girls hats! :)

  6. Talk about life's precious moments--you have captured it here for sure. I just adore the little pinkies held in the air while sipping tea.

  7. I will have to put this idea in the back of my mind for use in the future. I think a tea party with our granddaughters when they are a good bit older will be nice indeed. Loved your commentary and, of course, the pictures!

  8. What a precious memory this will be; so glad you have lots of photos!

  9. What fun and terrific memories for you and the grandkids.