Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moth Identification

I need your help!!  I went out to weed one of my flower beds, when I came upon what I thought was a dead leaf.  When I went to brush it off this is what I found:

 Moth's mating.  

Can you imagine in my garden, of all places.  I thought it was a Cecropia Moth, but the edges of the wings don't look like it.  I also tried to look it up on line, but with no success. 

 Here is another shot:
They are quite ugly, aren't they?  

The Ceropia Moth, hatches early spring, the adult lives about three weeks, during that time lays its eggs for the following spring.  

And that's the way it is..............................


  1. sorry, i have no idea what that is!! you shouldn't weed your gardens, you wouldn't have this problem ;))))

  2. Hi Muffy...Great catch of a shot...it looks like a Blinded Sphinx Moth ( paonias excoecta)check that out !!
    The link below is one I have saved in my favorites ..there is moths butterflies and insect photos I use it alot!!!
    God night I'm off to bed ; }

  3. Very interesting..I hope they had a good time in your garden:)

  4. I am sure they are quite attractive to another moth as evidenced by the hanky panky in your garden but they really do look like old leaves. Interesting find.

  5. Great shots! Another good site for identifying insects is

  6. I've never seen or heard of that kind of moth before.
    You got a great shot of it though.

  7. Not really into moths, but the photos were fantastic.

    1. Me either, and it was gross when I touched it. ewwwwww

  8. Ugly! I just came in from my garden, perhaps because of the cold wet weather, the only a
    Bug I found was a ladybug.

  9. Hey there young lady, James here keeping things going for Loretta. What have you found there, never seen the likes of it? If I come across it in my book, I'll let you know. Well, you take care now! James

  10. I have no idea what type of moth that is. I agree with you; it sure is ugly!

  11. Actually I thing it has a beauty all its own ... unique.

  12. Thanks very much for your blog visit, and I hope you folks have a great weekend. Richard

  13. I have no idea, but it's very interesting. By the way, your flowers are so beautiful.

  14. Interesting photos. I am limited to identification of common pantry moths. My grand daughter did once capture a moth and named it Argamemnon. Mike made her release it and later that night she started crying because no one would let have a pet of her own.